Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music Business Secrets VI (09-16-10)

This week Frankie Biggz did his broadcast from Barcelona Spain! It was a full house, people from the US & Europe got together due to the temporary time change. We got to discuss the following subjects:

- Frankie's new catalan group: Cybee
- Differences between copyrights in the US &  Europe
- Managers/Lawyers: Good or bad?
- Audrianna Cole (MySpace)
- Promotion & Marketing in Europe
- Being found via mixtape: Does it work?
- R&B in Spanish & its poor promotion in Spain
- Collaborations between songwriters/artists
-Canadian Artists in the Music
- Distribution deals
- Mixing languages in songs
- The "N" word in Hip Hop
- Song Translations/adaptations
- Band/Track Shows
- The importance of merchandising in the European market
- Are American artists exotic for Europeans?
- American labels vs European labels
- ProTools vs. Logic
- Quality but affordable hardware
- Microphones & EQ settings

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