Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music Business Secrets closed til further notice

Due to lots of work, new projects, etc. Music Business Secrets will be off air til further notice. We want to have time to work on a better MBS, more dinamic, segmented & probably bilingual (English-Spanish). We will keep you informed of what's happening via this blog, as well as through Frankie Biggz's Facebook Page.

Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Business Secrets takes a 1 month vacation!

After almost a year of shows and being ready to celebrate our first birthday by the middle of August we are announcing we will be taking a short break in this month of July. We will be back on Thursday August 4th! Don't miss our return then! We will keep you posted through here and Frankie Biggz's Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Music Business Secrets tomorrow night

Spain is famous for celebrating the beginning of the Summer with San Juan (Saint John). Since we just got here and it's time to celebrate we regret to inform you that there will be NO Music Business Secrets tomorrow night. We will resume next week, probably at 4pm ET. We will let you know for sure before then!

Thank you guys! Much love from Barcelona, Spain!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXIX

Darren wasn't with us this week, he had to help his wife Vivian to get her driver's license (good luck Viv! We love ya!). Frankie talked about:

- The Music Industry taking a hit
- Speakers
- Different genres of production
- MusicXray (Website)


- Adam Milan - Looking For
- Tracy Woody - Sweet Beat of Love Remix
- Briony Kay - Girlz Nite Out
- Shellbach - New York
- Cirkus - Everlong Lasting
- Lord Luminous - Check Please
- Max Dmitrieff & Katherine's Favorites - Very Many Things
- K-Lee Worldwide - Stay Up
- 2Plus Productions - Make Me Happy
- Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence) - The Wasteland

We had a total of 30 viewers and 12 simultaneous visitors at our peak of the night.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXVIII (Production Special)

As per you guys' request, tonight we made it a "Production Special", only talking about production & recording techniques. Frankie talked about the following subjects:

- What to use to produce
- Logic, Pro-Tools, Reason
- How to record/mix
- Recording outside vs. in the room
- Microphones
- Vibes of artists
- Workstations
- Favorite songs
- Co-producing
- Bass, Drums, etc.
- Mastering
- Avoiding burning out from a song
- How to get in the Music Business
- Condensor microphones


- Unknown Artist - Unknown Tittle
- Barrun/Runes - Vapor Locked
- The Dillon Dixon Band - Pockets
- Saiah - Turn It Up
- Wayne Painter - The Proud American
- Nobody Gets Killed - Shortwave
- Vixen Noir - I Am Dangerous
- Chef-Iron Dreads - Over 4U Hataz
- Amber Rose - Sail Away (Produced by Andrew Boss)
- Brittany Hernandez - Medley
- Mark Chiriboga - Nothing Can Stop Us Now

We had a total of 98 viewers & 20 visitors in the room at our highest,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXVII (Guest: Christa Coir, CEO at CJC Music Associates and Publishing)

What we talked about in this show:

- Christa Coir (Website)
- How do you know when you need a producer?
- Darren talked about how long we worked with his brother (formerly known as Terrence Trent D'Arby) and if he would go back working with him.
- To release a single before having a record finished, is it good or bad?
- Lawyers
- BMI & Copyright

With Christa Coir:

- Copyright
- Lawyers
- What happens if an artist gets approached with a record label
- When does the lawyer have to step out
- ISWC Codes
- CJC Associated (Website)
- Mixtapes
- Copyright infringement
- Soundclick
- Streams
- Soundexchange
- Blanket Licenses

We had a total of 76 viewers & 21 people in the room at our highest peak.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXVI (Guest: Moses Avalon)

This was a very interesting show, with a very interesting guest, Moses Avalon. Former producer and author. Please, check out our video to see what we talked about, here's a resume:
- Haters
- Personal Questions
- Big Studio vs. Home Studio

With Moses:
- Major Labels: What do they want?
- Best way to get out of a 360 Deal
- Producer & costs
- The internet
- Scams
- Movies/Shows
- The new signing way
- Taxi
- Cloud Services
- Minimum rate
- 3 Quarters Rate
- Sample Clearance
- Master owning

We had 143 entrances on the room and a total of 40 people on the room at once!! Thanks for our best show so far!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXIII

After a couple of technical problems, Darren got to do the show! Me & Frankie were at the Usher concert. So here it is what Darren talked about:

- Intro: Frankie Biggz & IreneB at the Usher concert
- Open Mic
- Darren Darby's beginnings
- Artists & Music Business
- Europe
- Local Support vs. Outside Support
- Darren & his relationship with his brother (Terrence Trent D'Arby)
- Prince & Terrence
- Madonna
- Music & God

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXII (4-21-11)

Tonight we had the visit of Diana Feria, whom we just signed to Rama Music and we also talked about:

- Universal Music leaving Spain
- Independent Artists
- Publicist (PR)
- Beats by Dr. Dre
- Top music cities besides LA/NY
- Open Mic
- The grind
- Pharrel Williams
- Branding

- Flyy Musik - In This Life (Facebook)
- Flyy Musik - Loving You (Facebook)
- Kroduction - Track (Facebook)
- Ray Pacheco - Believe In Me (Facebook)
- Suzie Rose - Angel (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Flyy Musik feat. Quiz - On Top (Facebook)
- Lion King - Ride
- Suzie Rose - So Deep (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

We had 17 people in the house! :) Thanks to everybody that came in! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXI (4-14-11)

USTREAM wasn't our friend this week, so we had to rescue part of the show from our backup footage. However, this is still incomplete, sorry guys!

We talked about:
- Reality Show
- Beats by Dr. Dre
- Lady Gaga
- Different types of managers

- Kroduction - Freestyle (Facebook)
- Flyy Musik - Tears Of Pain (Facebook)
- Flyy Musik - Getting That Money (Facebook)
- John Smiddy - Cry Baby
- J Biz - Rubicon (Facebook)
- Brandy Linn (Produced by DJ Moss) - Move My Body (Website)
- Suzie Rose - Bracing Myself
- 8th Sound - A Playa's Life
- Diana Feria - The Last Time
- Diana Feria - I Pray
- Adrian Tristan - Let's Ride
- Soundstar Records - I Need A Girl

This was one of our busiest nights with 26 people in the house. It's just a pitty that USTREAM didn't wanna work with us... :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXX (4-07-11) Guest: Robbie Nevil, Artist/Producer

What a great night guys, not only it was our biggest night with nearly 30 people in the room, but we had a very special guest, Robbie Nevil. Robbie Nevil has produced everybody, from El DeBarge to Jessica Simpson, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta and The Jonas Brothers (for a full list of Robbie's credits please visit AllMusic).

Here you have what we talked about:

- Justin Bieber ignores Spanish Press. (Youtube)
- Booking Agents: How they work
- Cover Bands
- College Tours
- Getting session work as a musician
- How to get to a major show
- Pay to play
- Producers & managers
- Management & percentages
- Management & publishing
- Robbie Nevil (Website)
- Publishing deals
- "C'est La Vie" Production (Youtube)
- Single choice
- Young artists & acting
- Well rounded artists

In our review segment:

- Alex Meagher - Reminisce

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXIX (03/31/11) (Guest: Mike McCready, CEO at MusicXray)

After last week's show with Sonicbids, we had another pay-to-submit website to talk to. MusicXray CEO answered all your questions as well as clear any doubts about their service. You can check it out at www.musicxray.com.

From here we want to thank Mike McCready for his collaboration in our show. This is what we talked about:
- Diana Feria (MySpace - Facebook - Youtube)
- Open Mic w. Darren Darby
- Questions about copyright infringement
- Mixtapes
- Publishing Unfinished work
- Independent vs. Major
- Vocal Production
- Vocal Coaching
- Musixray (Website)
- Song matching

We had one of our biggest shows with 23 people inside the room!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXVIII (03-24-11) (Guest: Tess Cychosz, from Sonicbids)

After all the controversy with SonidBids we couldn't let this go by. Our guest this week was Sonicbids' Community Manager Tess Cychosz (Email), that joined us to talk about their site and answer your questions about this controversial website. Although there were some heated moments, Tess was nice enough to not loose her cool (so were our audience, for the most part, lol!) and answer any questions we threw at her. You can read a little bit about part of the controversy here (Thanks to Suzie Rose for the link).

So from here, we would like to thank Tess for her patience and for being part of our show. Thank you Tess!

From here we invite you to watch the show if you didn't have the chance to be there and make up your own opinion about Sonicbids. If you like what they do, join them, if not, don't! It's your prerogative!

In our Review Section:

- Suzie Rose: Gogo (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Blackberry Jones: Hustle
- Mike Lebrant: Ride
- Suzie Rose: Exposed (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

We had a maximum of 21 people in the room! Also, some very cool comments around the social stream. Thank you guys! You're awesome!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXVII (3-17-10) (Guest: Mike Prieto)

Tonight we had a very special guest, my friend Mike Prieto, part of Prolific Group, that recently joined forces with Atom Factory to help Lady Gaga in the licensing aspect (read article about it here). We also had some of our regulars and new people! We love new audience! Here you have what we talked about:

- Mariah Carey back to Sony Music in 2012 (read)
- Pray for Japan - Robbie Nevil (Website - Wikipedia)
- Spain Radio Offer
- Mike Prieto
- Melody & Lyrics
- Publishing Splits
- Lady Gaga (Website)
- Licensing Deals for artists in Europe
- Normal artists and how to get noticed
- Radio & advertising: Does payola still exist?
- How is a songwriter heard?
- How does someone go about getting a publishing deal?
- Management In our review section:
- Mister Jones: Court Day
- Suzie Rose: Falling (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

We had up to 17 people in the chatroom!

Please, remember next weel we will have Sonicbids in the house! Don't miss your opportunity to ask them questions and express your opinions about their service!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXVI (3-10-11)

Back to the States guys, lots of things to work on and talk about. I was happy to see my co-host Darren Darby again, although he has to leave early tonight. However, we had a very special guest, Miss Italian Barbie herself, Missy Fiore. Check out what we talked about and learn more about this upcoming artist that I'm working with.

- Introduction
- YouBloom (Website)
- Future Music Forum (Website)
- How to get your music to labels
- Staying indie
- How to get into the tour management game
- Mike Prieto
- Sonicbids (Website)
- Internet Radio
- Jukebox
- Perform without having anything ready, is it a good idea?
- Spec Deals
- Alternative Music
- Producer or Artist: Who's the most important in a project?
- Missy Fiore
- Family members being the managers, does it work?
- Soundscan (Wikipedia)
- Bar Codes
- Radio seducing
- Showing demos or work in process, good idea?
- Booking

In our review segment, brought to you by MusicXray:

- Missy Fiore - Me & My Girls (MySpace)
- Letter10 - Copy (MySpace)
- Suzie Rose - Memories Die Hard (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Usher - Papers (Remix by Block-Key) (Facebook)
- Jessie & The Toy Boys - Push It (Remix by Tom171)
- Aten Notation - Welcome To The Fort (Reverbnation - MySpace)
- Richy Blacktower - Animal (feat. BoiGenius) (Website)
- Suzie Rose - You Promised  (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXV (3-03-11) - Copyright Special

As Frankie's in Canada, I had to take over again, this time to do the long awaited "Copyright Special", where I explained:

- How to copyright a composition
- How to copyright sound recording
- Difference between a producer & a programmer
- Work for Hire

As there was not many questions due to the lack of audience, we decided we're probably going to be redoing this episode once we're on regular US ET time (8PM/ET), we'll keep you informed. In the mean time, don't hesitate to ask questions in any of our social networks.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXIV (2-24-11)

Hey guys!!

So this week I had to take over because Frankie is in Canada recording an album for a new artist. I was happy to come in front of the camera and tell you about the music business from the artist's point of view. Next week we will be talking about copyrights, it will be at the same European time (4PM/ET - 22h Spanish time), so come ask your questions! I know a lot of you wanted me to explain how to copyright stuff!

Here you have what we talked about in this 2 hour show (I can't believe I did the whole thing!), you can also see the video below & on Frankie Biggz's youtube channel. You can go directly to minute 2:30, since I had some problems with the audio at the beginning!

- IreneB introduction (Website - Facebook - MySpace)
- Artists & how to make it
- Saving money for production
- Masters (Sound Recording): The most important thing
- Germany & Song Submissions (Email IreneB's management)
- Delays on album release dates
- How to keep being yourself & stay focused as an artist
- Lady Gaga
- Illuminati (lol!)
- Duets
- Branding
- Favorite song from "Metamorphosis" (iTunes - Amazon)
- Next IreneB album
- New R&B
- Social Networking
- Artist's Mentality
- Spain vs. US love for IreneB
- IreneB & Duets
- Podcast
- Stage presence vs. hitting the right notes
- Future Music Forum 2011 (Website)
- How much time does it take to record an album?
- Difference between IreneB & other artists
- Artist's involvement in production
- The different countries' licenses & how it affects the artist
- How to protect yourself as an artist
- How to take control of your career
- Artists & helping people
- Spanish artists singing in English
- Grammy Nomination
- "Metamorphosis" contest (only in Spain) (Contest Rules)
- Operacion Triunfo ("Spanish Idol") cancelation
- Fama
- Advertising Opportunities

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXIII (2-17-11)

This show was a short show, since I was recording all day and I was pretty tired, also, the time change didn't help the audience. Also, we didn't get to record the whole show :( However, here you have what we talked about, as well as part of the show below:

- ISRC Codes (Website)
- Difference between performance royalties & sales publishing
- Blanket license
- Statutory rate vs. full rate
- Do performance societies (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC...) find  you work?
- Getting your music known in different countries: Podcasting. (Podcast.com - Podcast Alley)
- How to know if  a song is mastered
- Getting a non-music related job at a record label: Does it help?
- Soundclick (Website)
- Beat battles

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There will be NO Music Business Secrets on Thurs. Feb. 10th - YouBloom Song Contest

Hey guys,

Just dropping you guys a line to tell you that I made it to Barcelona safe and sound, we had a good flight and I'm jet-lagged to the max. I tried to work it out to be able to make it to the show this Thursday but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen, since I am going to be attending the 2010 Song Contest Winners Concert and Awards Night in London. I don't know if you guys are familiar with this contest, since we've vaguely talked about it in the show. I got introduced to this contest about a month ago thanks to our lovely and talented viewer Suzie Rose. It is a great opportunity for new artists, specially the singer-songwriter type of artists. I recommend you guys to check it out and submit your music, there are prizes for up to 10,000 euros (that's roughly $14,000!!!). You can check them out on their Official Website or on Youtube.

Also, since I know we have some London viewers, just letting you know that the event is open to anybody that want to come in, here you have the flyer. We would love to see you there, I'll be joined by my lovely lady and producer of our show, Miss IreneB. It is a great opportunity for networking and enjoying some great music. And remember... there is no substitute for pressing palms! And there'll be some good hands to shake there, not to mention some great press photo ops!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXII (2-03-11)

Tonight we had a pretty interesting show, with the visit of always-behind-the-camera IreneB, our beautiful an talented producer. Here's what we talked about:

- IreneB's "Metamorphosis" 2 years anniversary (iTunes - Amazon)
- Sonicbids & the controversial post in LinkedIn (Sonicbids - Linkedin)
- Statutory Rate

In our review segment:

- Disconected - Sleep Walker
- Clonda - Floating In Heaven (prod. by Hiptronic Music)
- Gucci Mane Remix (prod. by MistaMatos)
- Drew English - Another Life (Website)
- Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila (Prod. by Thomas Hooven)

We had a maximum of 16 people in the house!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXI (1-27-11)

Great show with a very special co-host, my son Romantic was in the house filling in for Darren because it was his wife's birthday (Happy Birthday Vivian!!! :) ). I was feeling sick but I made it through. Here is what we talked about:

- Statutory Rate
- What are you worth
- How to get your name out there
- Talent, Work Ethic & Networking: What's more important?
- Copyrights & TV
- The difference between a distribution deal & a licensing deal
- Leasing beats
- Payola: Does it still exist?
- Radio DJs
- Quality between live & recording
- Vinyls & ideas
- The best/worst deals
- Enjoying the music as a producer
- After copyright, what do you do?
- How to promote yourself as a producer
- ISRC Codes: What are they?
- Shameless Promotion
- Reverbnation
- Current production's favorites:
  • Mariah Carey - The Impossible (Youtube)
  • Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) (Youtube)
In our reviews section:
- rdotcom - Rootbeer floating
- Laren - Break Me (Produced by D'Luz)
- Jordin Sparks - Tattoo (Remix by Block-Key) (Facebook)
- Suzie Rose - Answer (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash Videos on Youtube

As you may know, last Saturday we celebrated my birthday with a full 5 hours show through BlogTV (USTREAM was giving us a lot of trouble). We couldn't record through USTREAM, but thanks to our beautiful producer IreneB we have the whole thing (at least most of it!) on Youtube.

Here are the videos, check them out!
- Music Business Secrets XIX Questions (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3)
- JadKen (Performance - Review)
- Seven Digits (Performance - Review)
- Grade A (Performance - Review)
- Michelle Lindsay (Performance - Review)
- Nicodemus (Performance - Review)
- MadFunk (Performance - Review)
- Joseph (Performance + Review)
- Sincere (Performance + Review)
- Adrian Tristan (Performance - Review)
- Queenie (Performance + Review)
- Romantic (Performance)
- Los Hermanos Bermudez (Performance)
- IreneB sings Happy Birthday (Performance)

Thanks to everybody that was there and we hope you had fun and want to repeat some time in the future!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Music Business Secrets XX (1-20-11)

After our 5 hour show last Saturday, we get back to normal day and time. New additions to our chat and of course, new music! Here you have what we talked about:

- Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash (You can watch some videos on Youtube)
- American Idol
- Old School Equipment
- Creation with samples: An art form?
- Sample Clearing
- R&B Music & its decadence
- Neo-soul
- Subscription based distribution

On our review segment (brought to you by MusicXray):

- ADD Projects - Confetti (Produced by Chavar Dontae) (Website)
- Suzie Rose - Feeling I'm Falling (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Suzie Rose - Phychdelic (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Jomo Keys - What I Want (Dirty) (MySpace - Youtube - Facebook)
- Brandy Linn - Flight 2 Japan (Produced by Hiptronic Music) (Website - SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter)

We had 18 people in the house & we had people from Toledo, Los Angeles, Tittusville, Montreal, Detroit & New York!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is just a reminder for you guys, there will be NO MUSIC BUSINESS SECRETS this Thursday, instead catch the action on Saturday, Jan. 15th starting at 4PM, as we will be broadcasting Music Business Secrets from the Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash @ New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Of course, for all of you that are local (or not) you are invited to attend, it is a free 21+ event. Don't miss it!

You can RSVP in the Facebook event page.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Music Business Secrets XVIII (01-06-11)

Tonight was a USTREAM nightmare, so the show wasn't recorded properly... We had to change servers to BlogTV. However, we had the pleasure to have Chris Lieck in our show, that was nice enough to talk about different fields of the music industry, as well as reviewing several songs that our viewers submitted for review.

- Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash (RSVP)
- YouBloom (Website)
- Bootleggers
- How to survive as a producer
- Buy-ons to tours
- Get your music to games
- How to get payed for remixes

In our segment with Chris Lieck:

- Publishing companies
- 360 Deals
- Teen artists' development
- Independent Publishers
- American Idol: Pros & Cons
- How much to charge for being featured in a song
- Budgeting for marketing

Chris Lieck reviewed songs by:

- JWoods - Bedroom Bash (Reverbnation - Twitter - Youtube)
- Suzie Rose - Freeze (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Olatunji Mason - Leh We Dance (feat. Kao Denero & Queen D) (Youtube)
- Alissa Cavallaro - Jump Around (Facebook - Youtube)
- Jerome - Good Girl (MySpace)

More about Chris Lieck:

Chris Lieck is the CEO of TEJAS RECORDS, TEG RECORDS, COMIA, ROUND TRIP PUBLISHING, SABIO PUBLISHING. Chris is one of the most well respected CEOs, consultants, and record company experts in the country.  He has books about the business and his label has produced 17 Grammy Awarded artists in the Latin Market.   He started as an artist KID CURRY and later KK WILDE. Both bands to this day are collectors artists dreams.  KK's records sell on EBAY for $500 on average.  He knows how to drive markets, produce, manage, tour manage, engineer and run a business from the ground up. 

He lived in Hollywood as an artist, studio owner and producer for 11 years before returning to TEXAS to start TEJAS RECORDS.   He has been in the business for over 30 years making money as a working entity. 

For more information about Chris Lieck's businesses, please visit:

Despite our technical problems, we had 16 people at our peak. We are very sorry about the technical problems, we are gonna try  to fix it for future broadcasts, although there is not much we can do as far as USTREAM is concerned. 

Also remember, THERE WILL BE NO MUSIC BUSINESS SECRETS next Thursday Jan. 13th. Our big show will be broadcasted (if USTREAM behaves) on Saturday January 15th from 4pm from Frankie Biggz's Birthday Bash, with live performances, reviews & much more!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash on Jan. 15th, you can also watch it live!! :)

From Music Business Secrets we invite you to a very special ocasion, our host Frankie Biggz's birthday party!!! You're all invited!! 


We will have featured guest DJs, live performances and most important, for all of you that cannot be there, we will have a special Music Business Secrets live broadcast!! You can watch it next Saturday January 15th starting at 4PM/ET at USTREAM.

For those who can attend, please RSPV @ Facebook. Hope to see you there!