Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXIX (03/31/11) (Guest: Mike McCready, CEO at MusicXray)

After last week's show with Sonicbids, we had another pay-to-submit website to talk to. MusicXray CEO answered all your questions as well as clear any doubts about their service. You can check it out at

From here we want to thank Mike McCready for his collaboration in our show. This is what we talked about:
- Diana Feria (MySpace - Facebook - Youtube)
- Open Mic w. Darren Darby
- Questions about copyright infringement
- Mixtapes
- Publishing Unfinished work
- Independent vs. Major
- Vocal Production
- Vocal Coaching
- Musixray (Website)
- Song matching

We had one of our biggest shows with 23 people inside the room!

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