Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXVIII (03-24-11) (Guest: Tess Cychosz, from Sonicbids)

After all the controversy with SonidBids we couldn't let this go by. Our guest this week was Sonicbids' Community Manager Tess Cychosz (Email), that joined us to talk about their site and answer your questions about this controversial website. Although there were some heated moments, Tess was nice enough to not loose her cool (so were our audience, for the most part, lol!) and answer any questions we threw at her. You can read a little bit about part of the controversy here (Thanks to Suzie Rose for the link).

So from here, we would like to thank Tess for her patience and for being part of our show. Thank you Tess!

From here we invite you to watch the show if you didn't have the chance to be there and make up your own opinion about Sonicbids. If you like what they do, join them, if not, don't! It's your prerogative!

In our Review Section:

- Suzie Rose: Gogo (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Blackberry Jones: Hustle
- Mike Lebrant: Ride
- Suzie Rose: Exposed (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

We had a maximum of 21 people in the room! Also, some very cool comments around the social stream. Thank you guys! You're awesome!


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