Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXVI (3-10-11)

Back to the States guys, lots of things to work on and talk about. I was happy to see my co-host Darren Darby again, although he has to leave early tonight. However, we had a very special guest, Miss Italian Barbie herself, Missy Fiore. Check out what we talked about and learn more about this upcoming artist that I'm working with.

- Introduction
- YouBloom (Website)
- Future Music Forum (Website)
- How to get your music to labels
- Staying indie
- How to get into the tour management game
- Mike Prieto
- Sonicbids (Website)
- Internet Radio
- Jukebox
- Perform without having anything ready, is it a good idea?
- Spec Deals
- Alternative Music
- Producer or Artist: Who's the most important in a project?
- Missy Fiore
- Family members being the managers, does it work?
- Soundscan (Wikipedia)
- Bar Codes
- Radio seducing
- Showing demos or work in process, good idea?
- Booking

In our review segment, brought to you by MusicXray:

- Missy Fiore - Me & My Girls (MySpace)
- Letter10 - Copy (MySpace)
- Suzie Rose - Memories Die Hard (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Usher - Papers (Remix by Block-Key) (Facebook)
- Jessie & The Toy Boys - Push It (Remix by Tom171)
- Aten Notation - Welcome To The Fort (Reverbnation - MySpace)
- Richy Blacktower - Animal (feat. BoiGenius) (Website)
- Suzie Rose - You Promised  (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)

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