Monday, November 22, 2010

This Thursday is Thanksgiving! There will be no show!

Because we will be stuffing ourselves like turkeys, the show will be canceled this week. We will see you next Thursday, Dec. 2nd, at 8PM/ET.

We want to thank everybody that's been following us since the beginning, also those who recently started coming!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

Music Business Team
(Frankie Biggz, Darren Darby & IreneB)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music Business Secrets XIII (11-18-2010)

After two weeks in Europe we come back to the US with new features in our show. From now on we're gonna have a phone line for us to interact with you LIVE. You can call during our show, every Thursday from 8-10PM/ET and get your questions answered live, and why not debate with us? This is much easier than doing it through the chat, where it gets difficult to interact without problems due to lag. Our phone for the live show is 321-283-2270.

Thanks to this new feature, we had the pleasure to talk to Suzie Rose, a singer/songwriter from L.A., that shared her ideas on different aspects of the music industry.

In this show we talked about:

- Paying to get in front of A&Rs, is it a good or a bad idea?
- Buy out for commercials. What to ask for before you accept.
- Sending rough ideas to record labels, artists, etc. Right or wrong?
- The best way to approach publishing companies in the US.
- Co-writing with someone who has a publishing deal.

In our review segment(brought to you by MusicXray):

Songs by:
- Suzie Rose - Forgiveness (Reverbnation)
- Suzie Rose - Envy (Reverbnation)
- Seamus - Kori Davies Chant
- Seamus - Stand For Lies
- Jerome - Prototype Master (MySpace)
- Suzie Rose - Vanished (Reverbnation)
- Suzie Rose - So Deep (Reverbnation)

Frankie Biggz Production Samples:
- IreneB - I Wanna Fly (Website - Facebook - Reverbnation)
- Nate Walka - Robot (Remix) (Website)
- Romantic - Lala Land (MySpace)

We had 12 people at our best and there were people from Michigan, Dublin, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles & Spain!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Music Business Secrets XII (11-11-2010)

In this show we talked about:

- MTV Week in Madrid (MTV Spain)
- Differences between record labels in Europe and the US
- ISRC Codes
- Music + TV
- The best way to become a touring musician
- Promotion gigs for free, when to do them?
- Pay To Play?
- Japanese Market
- Premios de la Musica (Open submissions for Spanish artists until November 30th)
- Best Drummers & Bass Players

In our review segment (brought to you by MusicXray):

Songs by:
- Unknown Artist - My favorite disguise
- Thunderfunk - People Get Ready (website)
- Thunderfunk - Diggin' On James Brown (website)
- Thunderfunk - Living For The City (website)
- Thunderfunk - Monster On A Leash (website)
- Romantic - Baby Don't Tell Me (MySpace)

We had 15 people at our best and there were people from Michigan, Singapore, Montreal, Spain & Germany!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Music Business Secrets this week

Hey guys, I won't be able to do the show this week because I'm in Madrid, Spain doing some business. I will keep you posted with the day & time of our new show. I should be able to do it next Thursday from Barcelona, but I will tell you for sure when I know something concrete. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.