Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music Business Secrets XVII (12-30-10)

Tonight we had a pretty full house, with 14 people at our peak inside of the chatroom. We also had the Mike Prieto's visit, he enlightened us with his visions about A&Rs then and now. This is what we talked about:

- PRO's (BMI - SESAC - ASCAP): Why can't you be part of all of them?
- Ghost writing: What to expect from it
- Sample clearance

Top 5 of 2010:

-  Andrew Boss feat. Mark Wild - Movie Love (Website - MySpace -Twitter - Facebook)
- Suzie Rose - I Ain't No Mistery Girl (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Block-Key - Let's Dance (Facebook)
- Ray Pacheco - You Can't Play Me (Facebook)
- Jerome - Good Girls (MySpace)

Other songs:

- Missy Fiore - Me & My Girls (Facebook)
- Alissa Cavallaro - I Will (Facebook - Youtube)
- Paula Dominguez - Una Verdad Incomoda (MySpace - Facebook - Youtube)
- Kadie Kay - Money & Fame (MySpace)

In our segment with Mike Prieto (Facebook):

- What do A&Rs look for
- The difference between A&Rs back in the day & today
- How to deal with a teen star

- ADD Project - "Sky High" & "What You Want"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Music Business Secrets wishes you a Merry Christmas!!

Me (Frankie Biggz), my co-host Darren Darby & lovely Miss IreneB want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!! We hope to see you next Thursday, same time (8PM/ET), same place (, at our live show!!

If you want to ask questions for our show, you can do it at the following places, make sure you specify it's for our show!

- Frankie Biggz (Formspring - Facebook - MySpace - Email)
- Darren Darby (Facebook

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music Business Secrets XVI (12/23/10)

Today we had a great show, with some of our regulars (Aboss, SoundStarRecords, etc.) and some surprising visits (Thanks to Mike McCready & Anthony Cavallaro!). Great talks about what season is the best to release an album, some talk about Major Music Events & young artists and lots of questions, here you have what we talked about:

- Releasing Music in the 1st/4th quarter: Pros & Cons
- How to set up a release:
- Major Music Events in the US & Europe
- European Market for American Artists
- Dance Music in Europe
  • Strictly Rhythm (Website)
  • Motto Records
- Young Artists
- Hip Hop in Spain
- Metal in the US
- Genre to get in
- Producers in London
- Mixtapes
- A&R & why they don't risk anymore

Our peak in the chatroom was 8 people & we had people from Germany, New York & Detroit!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music Business Secrets XV (12-16-2010)

Back to normal this week, we had time to receive a bunch of questions from people and answer them, so here it is what we talked about this week:

- 2010 Grammy Nominations (website)
- Hate Mail
- Difference between a producer & a programmer
- Frankie Biggz's Birthday Party (Jan. 15th)
- Export tracks from Protools to Fruity Loops
- The business behind music

We answered the following questions:

- Joan Pla (Los Angeles/Barcelona) - I am producing 4 different artists. All the music is getting very good feedback and interest and I am considering to stop looking for a record label for them and be the record label. What are your thoughts about it? What to you think is the most difficult part? I have not much information about how this could work.

- Sarah Price  - What’s the difference between mixing & mastering?

- Tony James (Miami, FL.) – I wrote a magazine to be featured on it and they asked me for a press release, what is it?

- Jamie (NJ) - I had an discussion with a friend of mine the other day, he’s a guitar player and I used him to do some riffs in one of my tunes, I payed him for the session, but now he says he wants to be credited as an author in the song and get publishing as well. Is this normal?

We watched/reviewed/enjoyed the following videos:

In our review segment (brought to you by MusicXray):

Songs/Tracks by:
- Romantic - New track (MySpace)
- Block-Key - Dance Again
- Tracy Woody - Your Love
- Brooke Snow - My Perspective

We had 9 people at our peak & they were from Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, Germany, New York & Italy!

If you want to ask questions for our show, you can do it at the following places, make sure you specify it's for our show!

- Frankie Biggz (Formspring - Facebook - MySpace - Email)
- Darren Darby (Facebook)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music Business Secrets XIV (12-09-2010)

After a couple of weeks of absence due to different matters we are back from Detroit. Our conection wasn't too good tonight and our viewership was pretty low due to our absence these last 2 weeks. However, we did want to touch base with you guys and tell you that next week we'll be back in full force!

We wanted to send special regards to Suzie Rose & Alinamusic who were there no matter what!