Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music Business Secrets XV (12-16-2010)

Back to normal this week, we had time to receive a bunch of questions from people and answer them, so here it is what we talked about this week:

- 2010 Grammy Nominations (website)
- Hate Mail
- Difference between a producer & a programmer
- Frankie Biggz's Birthday Party (Jan. 15th)
- Export tracks from Protools to Fruity Loops
- The business behind music

We answered the following questions:

- Joan Pla (Los Angeles/Barcelona) - I am producing 4 different artists. All the music is getting very good feedback and interest and I am considering to stop looking for a record label for them and be the record label. What are your thoughts about it? What to you think is the most difficult part? I have not much information about how this could work.

- Sarah Price  - What’s the difference between mixing & mastering?

- Tony James (Miami, FL.) – I wrote a magazine to be featured on it and they asked me for a press release, what is it?

- Jamie (NJ) - I had an discussion with a friend of mine the other day, he’s a guitar player and I used him to do some riffs in one of my tunes, I payed him for the session, but now he says he wants to be credited as an author in the song and get publishing as well. Is this normal?

We watched/reviewed/enjoyed the following videos:

In our review segment (brought to you by MusicXray):

Songs/Tracks by:
- Romantic - New track (MySpace)
- Block-Key - Dance Again
- Tracy Woody - Your Love
- Brooke Snow - My Perspective

We had 9 people at our peak & they were from Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, Germany, New York & Italy!

If you want to ask questions for our show, you can do it at the following places, make sure you specify it's for our show!

- Frankie Biggz (Formspring - Facebook - MySpace - Email)
- Darren Darby (Facebook)

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