Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music Business Secrets XVI (12/23/10)

Today we had a great show, with some of our regulars (Aboss, SoundStarRecords, etc.) and some surprising visits (Thanks to Mike McCready & Anthony Cavallaro!). Great talks about what season is the best to release an album, some talk about Major Music Events & young artists and lots of questions, here you have what we talked about:

- Releasing Music in the 1st/4th quarter: Pros & Cons
- How to set up a release:
- Major Music Events in the US & Europe
- European Market for American Artists
- Dance Music in Europe
  • Strictly Rhythm (Website)
  • Motto Records
- Young Artists
- Hip Hop in Spain
- Metal in the US
- Genre to get in
- Producers in London
- Mixtapes
- A&R & why they don't risk anymore

Our peak in the chatroom was 8 people & we had people from Germany, New York & Detroit!

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