Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXVII (Guest: Christa Coir, CEO at CJC Music Associates and Publishing)

What we talked about in this show:

- Christa Coir (Website)
- How do you know when you need a producer?
- Darren talked about how long we worked with his brother (formerly known as Terrence Trent D'Arby) and if he would go back working with him.
- To release a single before having a record finished, is it good or bad?
- Lawyers
- BMI & Copyright

With Christa Coir:

- Copyright
- Lawyers
- What happens if an artist gets approached with a record label
- When does the lawyer have to step out
- ISWC Codes
- CJC Associated (Website)
- Mixtapes
- Copyright infringement
- Soundclick
- Streams
- Soundexchange
- Blanket Licenses

We had a total of 76 viewers & 21 people in the room at our highest peak.

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