Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXVI (Guest: Moses Avalon)

This was a very interesting show, with a very interesting guest, Moses Avalon. Former producer and author. Please, check out our video to see what we talked about, here's a resume:
- Haters
- Personal Questions
- Big Studio vs. Home Studio

With Moses:
- Major Labels: What do they want?
- Best way to get out of a 360 Deal
- Producer & costs
- The internet
- Scams
- Movies/Shows
- The new signing way
- Taxi
- Cloud Services
- Minimum rate
- 3 Quarters Rate
- Sample Clearance
- Master owning

We had 143 entrances on the room and a total of 40 people on the room at once!! Thanks for our best show so far!!

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