Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXXI (4-14-11)

USTREAM wasn't our friend this week, so we had to rescue part of the show from our backup footage. However, this is still incomplete, sorry guys!

We talked about:
- Reality Show
- Beats by Dr. Dre
- Lady Gaga
- Different types of managers

- Kroduction - Freestyle (Facebook)
- Flyy Musik - Tears Of Pain (Facebook)
- Flyy Musik - Getting That Money (Facebook)
- John Smiddy - Cry Baby
- J Biz - Rubicon (Facebook)
- Brandy Linn (Produced by DJ Moss) - Move My Body (Website)
- Suzie Rose - Bracing Myself
- 8th Sound - A Playa's Life
- Diana Feria - The Last Time
- Diana Feria - I Pray
- Adrian Tristan - Let's Ride
- Soundstar Records - I Need A Girl

This was one of our busiest nights with 26 people in the house. It's just a pitty that USTREAM didn't wanna work with us... :(

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