Thursday, February 3, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXII (2-03-11)

Tonight we had a pretty interesting show, with the visit of always-behind-the-camera IreneB, our beautiful an talented producer. Here's what we talked about:

- IreneB's "Metamorphosis" 2 years anniversary (iTunes - Amazon)
- Sonicbids & the controversial post in LinkedIn (Sonicbids - Linkedin)
- Statutory Rate

In our review segment:

- Disconected - Sleep Walker
- Clonda - Floating In Heaven (prod. by Hiptronic Music)
- Gucci Mane Remix (prod. by MistaMatos)
- Drew English - Another Life (Website)
- Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila (Prod. by Thomas Hooven)

We had a maximum of 16 people in the house!

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