Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Business Secrets XXIV (2-24-11)

Hey guys!!

So this week I had to take over because Frankie is in Canada recording an album for a new artist. I was happy to come in front of the camera and tell you about the music business from the artist's point of view. Next week we will be talking about copyrights, it will be at the same European time (4PM/ET - 22h Spanish time), so come ask your questions! I know a lot of you wanted me to explain how to copyright stuff!

Here you have what we talked about in this 2 hour show (I can't believe I did the whole thing!), you can also see the video below & on Frankie Biggz's youtube channel. You can go directly to minute 2:30, since I had some problems with the audio at the beginning!

- IreneB introduction (Website - Facebook - MySpace)
- Artists & how to make it
- Saving money for production
- Masters (Sound Recording): The most important thing
- Germany & Song Submissions (Email IreneB's management)
- Delays on album release dates
- How to keep being yourself & stay focused as an artist
- Lady Gaga
- Illuminati (lol!)
- Duets
- Branding
- Favorite song from "Metamorphosis" (iTunes - Amazon)
- Next IreneB album
- New R&B
- Social Networking
- Artist's Mentality
- Spain vs. US love for IreneB
- IreneB & Duets
- Podcast
- Stage presence vs. hitting the right notes
- Future Music Forum 2011 (Website)
- How much time does it take to record an album?
- Difference between IreneB & other artists
- Artist's involvement in production
- The different countries' licenses & how it affects the artist
- How to protect yourself as an artist
- How to take control of your career
- Artists & helping people
- Spanish artists singing in English
- Grammy Nomination
- "Metamorphosis" contest (only in Spain) (Contest Rules)
- Operacion Triunfo ("Spanish Idol") cancelation
- Fama
- Advertising Opportunities

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