Thursday, January 6, 2011

Music Business Secrets XVIII (01-06-11)

Tonight was a USTREAM nightmare, so the show wasn't recorded properly... We had to change servers to BlogTV. However, we had the pleasure to have Chris Lieck in our show, that was nice enough to talk about different fields of the music industry, as well as reviewing several songs that our viewers submitted for review.

- Frankie Biggz Birthday Bash (RSVP)
- YouBloom (Website)
- Bootleggers
- How to survive as a producer
- Buy-ons to tours
- Get your music to games
- How to get payed for remixes

In our segment with Chris Lieck:

- Publishing companies
- 360 Deals
- Teen artists' development
- Independent Publishers
- American Idol: Pros & Cons
- How much to charge for being featured in a song
- Budgeting for marketing

Chris Lieck reviewed songs by:

- JWoods - Bedroom Bash (Reverbnation - Twitter - Youtube)
- Suzie Rose - Freeze (Reverbnation - Facebook - Twitter)
- Olatunji Mason - Leh We Dance (feat. Kao Denero & Queen D) (Youtube)
- Alissa Cavallaro - Jump Around (Facebook - Youtube)
- Jerome - Good Girl (MySpace)

More about Chris Lieck:

Chris Lieck is the CEO of TEJAS RECORDS, TEG RECORDS, COMIA, ROUND TRIP PUBLISHING, SABIO PUBLISHING. Chris is one of the most well respected CEOs, consultants, and record company experts in the country.  He has books about the business and his label has produced 17 Grammy Awarded artists in the Latin Market.   He started as an artist KID CURRY and later KK WILDE. Both bands to this day are collectors artists dreams.  KK's records sell on EBAY for $500 on average.  He knows how to drive markets, produce, manage, tour manage, engineer and run a business from the ground up. 

He lived in Hollywood as an artist, studio owner and producer for 11 years before returning to TEXAS to start TEJAS RECORDS.   He has been in the business for over 30 years making money as a working entity. 

For more information about Chris Lieck's businesses, please visit:

Despite our technical problems, we had 16 people at our peak. We are very sorry about the technical problems, we are gonna try  to fix it for future broadcasts, although there is not much we can do as far as USTREAM is concerned. 

Also remember, THERE WILL BE NO MUSIC BUSINESS SECRETS next Thursday Jan. 13th. Our big show will be broadcasted (if USTREAM behaves) on Saturday January 15th from 4pm from Frankie Biggz's Birthday Bash, with live performances, reviews & much more!

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