Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music Business Secrets X (07-21-10)

In this show we talked about:

- MusicXray & our joint venture for the LIVE music reviews
- Scammers in the music industry
- Management: When are managers needed?
- Producers: How to get noticed as a producer
- Song Pluggers & Publishing Entities
In our review segment (brought to you by MusicXray):

Videoclips by:
- Yaina feat. Brixx - Complex (Website)
- Paula Dominguez - Enciende Motores (Website)
- Jiggy - Nunca Más (Website)
- Romy Low - Little Miss Flapper (Website)

Songs by:
- Suzie Rose - Don't Rush
- Aykayaycity - Remix
- Meek Millz - In My Bag
- Block Key - Pop Smash
- Rosa - Libertad

We had a total of 20 people at its peak and we had people from New York, Los Angeles, Monroe, Montreal, Germany & Singapore.

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